Thursday, October 29, 2009

Walking Waterloo Summary

Waterloo was not only the first of our Walking Napoleonic Battlefield holidays, it was also one of the first holidays after we got married.

We drove from Osnabruck to Waterloo on 7 July 1971 and spent 10 days exploring Brussels and the battlefield.

It was the first of three visits, but by far the most comprehensive. We did not do a lot of preparation, but fortunately most of the sites of interest are well marked. And we did have a copy of Jac Weller "Wellington at Waterloo". As well as excellent descriptions of each stage of the battle, there are also a lot of aerial and ground photographs and even a chapter on visiting the battlefield.

The next blog will deal with our first visit to Portugal and Spain to explore Wellington's Peninsular battlefields. You can find it at:


  1. nice work man i like your blog keep it up

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  2. Hi Ulmr

    Glad you are enjoying it.

    Its coming to an end now, only a few more blogs on our last battlefield visit, which was Aspern and Austerlitz in 2002.